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Properties of CO’2

The graph below (p, T) shows the state of existence of CO2 gas depending on temperature and pressure.

CO2 gas is a gas that is colorless, odorless, non-flammable and tastes good. It is found in volcanoes and ground layers in large proportions. It arises from the change of animal and human materials.

If this gas concentration exceeds 0.05% in air, the oxygen content in the atmosphere decreases and it makes breathing difficult. This gas is 40% heavier than air.

Therefore, it is found in close regions. It is necessary to be careful in closed places. In such places, ventilation and suction systems must be found. Normal ventilation through windows and doors is sufficient to achieve a normal CO2 concentration.

Physical Information:

Normal Density: 1,977 kg / m3
(1,0B25 bar, 0C)

Critical Temperature: 31C
Critical Density: 466 kg / m3
Flight Notation: -789C at 0.9 bar


Dry Ice – Pieces

Dry Ice Parts – Manufactured by means of a Pore (Ice Making Machine) called Pellets. Liquid CO2 is sprayed into the porosity. The snow that comes out of this process is transformed into cold bouquets by means of a hydraulic pump and shaped by means of this bouquet mold. Thus, ice particles (Brass size) are formed with a diameter of approximately 3 mm and a length of 8 mm.

The dry ice particles are then transported to the field of use with large ice storage containers, offering use.

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