Dry Ice Robots

25 April 2017by langyuzer0

A new generation of mould cleaning technology

LKY Kältetechnik und Dienstleistungs GmbH, based in Gross-Umstadt, has been supplying dry ice cleaning solutions for over a decade. The standout features of this manual dry ice cleaning method are the way it protects surfaces, the fact that the blast material does not have to be disposed of, and its flexibility.

The CO2 robot represents a new generation of mould cleaning technology in the form of a system that is programmed to suit individual applications and can be used for practically any industrial mould. Speed, safety and ease of use are the principles on which this robot is based.

Cleaning can be carried out both in the press (online) and outside of it (offline).

Length: 3300 mm, width: 1100 mm,
height: 2600 mm
Overall weight: 2450 kg

All the system requires for operation are compressed air at 6 bar (a diesel compressor can be used for this as an option) and a 400 V/50 Hz power connection.

Overall benefits of CO2 robot technology:

  • Reduction in costs
  • Increase in tyre production
  • Short cleaning processes within the presses -(approx. 30 min per mould)
  • Flexible system (can be used as a mobile or stationary system)
  • No need to remove tyre moulds (shorter handling times)
  • Gentle application thanks to dry ice (mould surface ¬is not subjected to stress; waste air valves are not damaged)
  • Cleaning noise level remains below 85 dB(A) -during cleaning
  • Adaptation to individual mould dimensions
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • No negative effects on the production process Dry ice pellets have a low degree of hardness.
  • They can be used to clean even sensitive surfaces. The dry ice blasting process can be adapted to the properties of the surface to be cleaned by varying the process parameters.
  • Dry ice pellets are a viable alternative to organic -solvents that are harmful to the environment and halogenated hydrocarbons.
  • The only waste produced is the coating material that is removed.
  • Dry ice blast granulate sublimes without leaving any residue.
  • Only short downtimes are required for the systems to be cleaned.

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