Dry Ice Pelletizer LY-DP3 60/120

6 March 2019by langyuzer

Dry ice pellet/nugget production with single or dual usage

  1. Simple Setup – Connect LCO2 supply. Ready to go
  2. Solid & Durable – Robust construction & Powder coating
  3. Production In Different Sizes – Pellet size 1.6mm or 3.2mm
  4. User Friendly – Adjustable LCO2 blasting time on touch panel
  5. Maintainability – Easy acces to interior & filter replacement
  6. Efficiency – Low operational cost with high efficiency

High efficiency with durability and reliability

Capacity 60-120Kg/h (176-308lb/h) @ 16-20bar
Pellets Size Ø1.6, Ø3.2 or Ø16mm (0.06, 0.13 or 0.63 in)
CO2 Source 16-20 bar (232-290 psi)
Installed Power 2.20kW (2.97hp)
Power Supply 400 VAC 3L+NPE 50Hz
Dimensions W920 x L1030 x H1350 mm (W36.22 x L40.55 x H53.15 in)


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