Cooperation with Lang Yüzer Holding and Alpedo Kervan Patisserie, a production plant for dry ice was put into operation

21 March 2018by langyuzer0

In collaboration with Alpedo Kervan Patisseries and Lang Yüzer Holding, an industrial dry ice production facility has been opened.

“Pazarcık” – The Narlı Quarter industry will produce dry ice used to ship Kahramanmaraş ice cream. The opening ceremony was attended by AK party Kahramanmaraş deputy İmran Kılıç, mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, provincial vice-president of the AKP party Ahmet Alıcı, mayor Yakup Hamdi Bozdag and a large number of relatives and citizens. Mehmet Yüzer, Aziz Yüzer and Ismet Yüzer made the opening speech of Ly & K “dry ice” production partners.

After the opening speech, Kahramanmaraş’s deputy made a speech to the AKP party İmran Kılıç, saying that this facility was very necessary for the ice cream town of Kahramanmaraş. Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç talked about this investment and said that Kahramanmaraş Ice Cream would gain a reputation. Pazarcık Mayor Yakup Hamdi Bozdag said that Kervan Pastry Shop is an important investment in the city. Alpedo Kervan Patisserie CEO Sami Kervancıoğlu said: “Congratulations to our country and our city”.

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