Finishing and Assembly

25 April 2017by langyuzer0

Inspection, sorting, assembly, order picking and dispatch

Everything under one roof

Assembly, inspection, functionality check, packaging, order-picking or despatch – Lang & Yüzer Otomotive A.S. is your partner for all issues surrounding final processing. Our motto in this regard is very simple: there is no such thing as “not possible” at Cerkezköy und Izmit.

Assembly and inspection according to customer
specific requirements:

  • Manual assembly
  • Automatic assembly
  • Manual inspection of the assembled parts
  • Assemble components and perform checks according to customer-specific requirements
  • Manual processing of component parts
  • Sort parts according to inspection instruction: good/rework/rejected
  • Inspect parts according to
  • inspection position
  • Manual inspection according to drawing
  • Manual inspection according to limit sample
  • Packaging and dispatch according to customer’s requirements

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